Develop a human-centred organisation and become more responsive to client

The Challenge

  • Do you want to grow your business but you're not sure how?
  • Do you have talented teams but believe that they could be doing more or adding more value?
  • Do you have well intentioned teams but feel like you could be more responsive to your clients?
  • Have you started to implement a solution that isn't delivering the results intended?

Then perhaps I can help.

I've helped some of the world's leading organisations to develop insights, build learning and innovation capability, accelerate advocacy across their client-base and grow new businesses.

These are transformational challenges and solutions usually include a blend of:

  • Learning to listen
  • Creating a culture of learning and experimentation
  • Designing metrics to measure what really matters
  • Establishing a common language and team practices for problem solving

Insight | Design | Capability | Culture

My Role

Practitioner | Facilitator | Coach

I partner with leaders and product and service owners and help them build new capability, bring new services to market and grow.

I work with management and operational teams to conduct research, coach teams to elicit and exploit insight and embed the mechanisms for continuous learning and change.

The Process

A Human-centred approach is a common thread throughout the learning, design and transformational programmes I lead.

I dip into a range of best practice across Design Thinking and innovation practices such as Agile and LEAN Start-up and behavioural sciences, particularly Gestalt.

Technology is the enabler but for me people are at the heart of what I do.

The illustrated process gives an indicative outline of the stage-gates and decision-points throughout the change journey.

Kick-off workshop to engage stakeholders

During a 3-hour workshop you will cover:

  • Human-Centred Design - solving problems through a new lens
  • Developing innovation capability: new ways of working and stage-gates
  • Measuring success - measuring the right thing In the right way at the right time
  • Getting started - what's next

The Impact

Organisations I've worked with have been enabled to deliver award winning digital services to market, accelerate their product and service innovation pipelines and grow new businesses.

Client Feedback

"Maire joined the team as we were looking to make transformative change to our product offering. She is a quick learner, brings a lot of fresh ideas, and executes the plan. She is a collaborative partner and she is excellent at documenting her well thought out plans." Product Director, Lexis Nexis

"Máire brought a real boost of energy and commitment that our product needed. Under Máire's leadership we began to understand more deeply the differing behavioural types of user we had using our product and the different pain points for each. The framework that Máire helped created quickly became a mainstay of our product discovery process and adopted beyond just our group." Product Manager, Lexis Nexis

"I brought Maire into Evaluate to help us with redefining our Customer Experience and turning the strong relationships we have with our clients into a competitive advantage. Maire worked with Evaluate's Customer Services and Product Management teams over a period of 6 months and has transformed the way we engage with our clients and how we infuse our product development process with client insights by defining and implementing new processes and coaching team members." CEO, Evaluate

"Máire has a rare skill of being able to help her clients build the capabilities so they can continually deliver new innovations to their customers." Head of Media Consulting, Cognizant Consulting

"Strategic, pragmatic, collaborative and insight driven, Maire was instrumental in delivering a number of complex B2B projects we worked on together in the information services and analytics space." Product/UX Designer