Identify opportunities for change

Quantify market oppportunities, develop user insights, understand system challenges, quantify potential benefits

The Challenge

  • Explore opportunities for growth and differentiation in the market
  • Pin-point pain points and loyalty drivers across users' journeys
  • Uncover opportunities to align more closely with your clients' values and practices

My Role

User Experience Researcher | Facilitator

  • Lead people through discovery cycle
  • Introduce Human-Centred Research & Design principles
  • Help decision-makes define question, hypothesis and key success metrics

The Process

Gather internal intelligence
Observe and/or interview front-line staff and their interactions with customers.

  • What are the triggers?
  • How do they perceive users?
  • How much do they know about users and how curious are they to learn more?
  • How do they measure and evaluate success? Do they prioritise business goals or users' experiences?

Clearly define what you want to learn

  • Start with broad open questions
  • Identify growth opportunities?
  • Uncover market driven anxieties?

Focus on who you want to learn about

  • Current users?
  • Target users?
  • Adjacent users?

Design and execute experience research and where possible have a blended approach

Produce artefacts that bring user stories to life

  • Produce materials and stories that will help stakeholders emotionally engage with the people they are serving: show them in their world, illustrating how they use products and services.

To learn more see the video explainer on how to develop insights for action on the blog page.

Outputs include:

  • Interview audios, videos and scripts
  • User profiles and empathy maps
  • User needs and stories; including what needs are met, partially met or not met with market solutions
  • User journey maps - as-is with high impact/decision-points (moments of truth) and pain points uncovered
  • System (relational) maps, where there is trust and mis-alignment of values

The Impact

  • Deeper understanding of users and the problems they are trying to solve
  • Data-driven opportunities for innovation and change