Align goals with client values

The Challenge

Deep customer insights make opportunities more transparent. The next step is to agree priorities - where to invest time and resources to learn more and maximise opportunities.

Let insights to date inform where to focus ongoing learning across discovery and delivery pipelines.

My Role

Story Teller | Facilitator | Coach

  • Raise awareness and facilitate conversations to arrive at key investment decisions
  • Prioritise areas for further testing and learning; in short, where do leaders want to place their bets for the future?

The Process

Facilitate group discussions and explore business implications:

  • Where are the quick wins? (low cost, speed of execution)
  • Where are there significant revenue gains to be made?
  • What are the implications for the business? What investment / level of change is required?
  • What are the risks? And what is the risk appetite?

Explore and evaluate against operational capability

  • What capability can you exploit?
  • Where are the capability gaps and how easily can these be built?
  • Who (or what department/region?) is (most) ready for change?
  • Explore and define what interventions may support change?

Agree the best BETS - areas where you believe you can have the biggest impact

  • A bet aligns with a big users problem or pain point and becomes a focused learning point
  • Prepare to introduce continuous feedback loops for test and learn, until final investment decision is made
  • You can pivot, end or continue at any point on the journey - the focus of the bet is to test and learn, not validate.

The Impact

  • A greater understanding into how the organisational purpose needs to re-align with client values and behaviours
  • Prioritised bets - for ongoing discovery test and learn

Additional Information

From late 2014 to mid-2016 Máire worked as an Associate Consultant for Cognizant Consulting on a major transformation programme for one of their top media clients, which subsequently won The Management Consultancies Association award for Transformation & Change in the Public Sector.

Client Feedback

"Máire has a rare skill of being able to help her clients build the capabilities so they can continually deliver new innovations to their customers." Head of Media Consulting, Cognizant Consulting.