See what will make a difference to users

The Challenge

Understand if the idea is viable and feasible

  • Validate the problem: Will this new service make a difference to our target users/customers?
  • Validate solution-fit: Will our concept help alleviate the problem?
  • Design for maximum impact: Does our design engage and drive the desired behaviours e.g. usage, spend?
  • Capability to execute: Do we have the internal capability to deliver? Where are the gaps? And what do we do to bridge the gaps?

My Role

  • Design and execute the best on-going user testing solution to validate the user problem and solution-fit
  • Introduce metrics for tracking against desired business goals
  • Raise awareness, drive learning and facilitate the design process (human-centred)

The Process

To facilitate the iterative service design process, introduce a continuous customer feedback loops for ongoing and iterative testing until target results are achieved.

Outputs at each stage of the cycle:

  • Validated problem
  • Validated solution-fit i.e. our proposed solution will help alleviate users' pain
  • Recommendations for ongoing iterative improvements for minimally viable product and beyond

The Impact

  • New capabilities; team learning and co-ordination practices, starting with the design/innovation team
  • A service blue-print including front-line interaction points, back-office support functions and the people, processes, systems/tools and KPIs required to roll-out and fully operationalise the service.
  • A target CX model, where appropriate

Click here to learn more about building self-managing teams to drive bottom-up innovation supported by continuous customer feedback loops; easy to share metrics, team learning and co-ordination practices.

Additional Information

From late 2014 to mid-2016 Máire worked as an Associate Consultant for Cognizant Consulting on a major transformation programme for one of their top media clients, which subsequently won The Management Consultancies Association award for Transformation & Change in the Public Sector.

Client Feedback

"Máire has a rare skill of being able to help her clients build the capabilities so they can continually deliver new innovations to their customers." Head of Media Consulting, Cognizant Consulting.