Encourage bottom-up innovation

Embed feedback loops - continuously learn, test and measure impact of products and services on your users

The Challenge

Develop a learning and innovating culture, supported by people, processes and tools: scale service delivery while sustaining ongoing improvement and nurturing a growth mindset.

My Role

Organisational Development | Coach | Facilitator

The Process

  • Introduce/drive Systems Thinking - think end-to-end, front-to-back and new operating models
  • Coach operational and management teams to continually extract and exploit customer insight and steer strategic road-maps
  • Introduce processes, tools and metrics to quantify results

Additional Information

Engaged by the CEO of Evaluate, a global information services provider in 2014 and again in 2015-2016 to introduce best CX practice globally and grow data-driven innovation across product and service pipelines.

Client Feedback

"Máire transformed the way we engage with our clients and how we infuse our product development process with client insights by defining and implementing new processes and coaching team members." CEO, Evaluate.