Continue to learn and grow loyalty

Embed feedback loops - continuously learn, test and measure impact of products and services on your users


Continuous learning, innovation, continuous feedback loops, user insight, bottom-up innovation

The Challenge

If the key question when designing new services is to test if the service (promise) will make a difference, once in market, you need to ensure you are keeping the promise. And assuming you are, does the service continue to deliver optimal customer experience? Nurturing client relationships will help you to continually learn about their values, respond to shifts and adjust services as needed.

Do the teams continue to be self-managing? Are they able to continually learn and develop as problems change and evolve?

(This approach also supports bottom-up innovation and change, whereby the people who do the work are continuously challenging themselves to improve the experience.)

My Role

Design and lead interventions that enable individuals and teams to grow trust-based relationships with their customers and turn their customers into loyal advocates of their products and services through customer experience driven innovation.

The Process

Embed continuous customer feedback loops across customer touch-points and design operational practices, systems, tools and metrics to support ongoing learning and development across multi-disciplinary teams.

  • Design a new customer promise (e.g. response time)
  • Introduce new conversations to drive engagement - customer-led, inquisitive and consultative - focus on understanding needs and making promises that will really make a difference.
  • Build multi-functional teams aligned around customer needs - make promises to each other, that will have a positive impact on customers' experiences.
  • Keep tracking the impact of changes and improvements on customers.

The Impact

  • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • New mechanism to uncover loyalty barriers and the skills to turnaround accounts.

Additional Information

Engaged by the CEO of Evaluate, a global information services provider in 2014 and again in 2015-2016 to introduce best CX practice globally and grow data-driven innovation across product and service pipelines.

Client Feedback

"Máire transformed the way we engage with our clients and how we infuse our product development process with client insights by defining and implementing new processes and coaching team members." CEO, Evaluate.