Keep learning from users

The Challenge

Stay focused on learning - continue to grow empathy for customers while developing learning and innovation capability within the team.

My Role

Researcher | Facilitator | Coach

  • Drive Human-Centred Design Thinking, starting with Product/Service owners and their direct teams
  • Facilitate learning throughout test and learn cycle
  • Develop self-managing innovating teams

The Process

Form a dedicated team and align around the prioritised user problem - the BET!

Ideate possible solutions to alleviate the user problem

Introduce Continuous Feedback Loops - new ways of working and evaluating success

  • Success metrics
  • Team learning - little and often, minimal of weekly sessions
  • Team co-ordination - review progress and make decisions (go, no-go or pivot)

Execute Feedback Loop - start with validating the solution-ft

  • Define the learning goal - what feedback/insight will validate (or not) the solution
  • What hypothesis needs to be validated at this point?
  • What will you measure to confirm if you're solution is working?

Reflect on results and decide next steps

  • Go, no-go, pivot?

Execute next Feedback Loop

  • Define learning goals - what do you need to test?
  • Produce Minimally Viable Product (MVP - just enough to test and learn)
  • Keep evolving MVP for test and learn directly on users
  • Evolve and refine learning objectives, hypothesis and OKRs throughout the rapid test and learn cycle

Watch the video explainer on the blog page to learn more about Continuous Feedback Loops.

Outputs at each stage of the cycle:

  • Validated problem
  • Validated solution-fit
  • Recommendations for a minimally viable solution for delivery
  • Design Thinking capability
  • New metrics based on user-value i.e. the behaviours that illustrate user-value - sometimes called North Star Metrics

The Impact

  • Self-managing innovating team which drives bottom-up innovation
  • New team learning and co-ordination practices
  • New metrics that help teams understand users and respond quickly
  • A service blue-print including front-line interaction points, back-office support functions and the people, processes, systems/tools and KPIs required to roll-out and fully operationalise the service.

Additional Information

Successful track record helping leading utility, financial and information services organisations develop bottom-up innovation capability.

Client Feedback

"Máire has a rare skill of being able to help her clients build the capabilities so they can continually deliver new innovations to their customers." Head of Media Consulting, Cognizant Consulting.