Prioritise goals against your customers' values

The Challenge

Deep customer insights make opportunities more transparent. The next step is to decide on priorities and align stakeholders with a common vision.

My Role

Story Teller | Facilitator

  • Raise awareness and facilitate conversations to arrive at key investment decisions
  • Prioritise areas for further testing and learning; in short, where do leaders want to place their bets for the future?

The Process

Share findings - raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities.

  • Leadership / organisation-wide read-outs
  • Summary reports / visuals / story-boards to re-frame / bring story alive

Facilitate group discussions / series of workshops and explore the implications for the business:

  • Where are the quick wins? (low cost, speed of execution)
  • Where are there significant revenue gains to be made?
  • What are the implications for the business? What investment / level of change is required?
  • What are the risks? And what is the risk appetite?

Diagnose operational capability

  • What talents can you exploit?
  • Where are the gaps?
  • Who (or what department/region?) is (most) ready for change?
  • Explore and define what interventions may support change?

Define success metrics

  • What (What? How many?) results do you need to find from user testing to validate the problem?
  • What results do you need to find to validate the proposed solution-fit?

Outputs include:

  • Organisational capability assessment and informed impact vs complexity charts (support this with internal diagnosis where appropriate)
  • Quick wins and action plans to deliver
  • Quantified priorities - short, medium and longer terms
  • Hypothesis for further testing
  • Insights to inform early entry concept design

The Impact

  • Shared understanding into how the organisational purpose needs to change re-align with client values and practices
  • A shared understanding across stakeholders of the challenges ahead to achieve the business goals
  • Quantified priorities supported by new or re-aligned metrics - quick wins and longer-term goals.
  • Working hypothesises or low-fidelity concepts - a basis to begin developing an early entry prototype