Grow empathy and curiousity for users

The Challenge

Building empathy is the starting point for successful alignment with clients. There is a direct correlation between strong team alignment with values and empathy they have for users and the problems they are trying to solve.

My Role

Story Teller | Facilitator

The Process

Help leaders and their teams understand what really matters to people so they can align their purpose around client values and practices and deliver services for positive change:

  • Introduce characters that stakeholders can relate to.
  • Share stories that help stakeholders emotionally engage.
  • Tell stories from the users perspective, using their tone and narrative.

Help stakeholders re-frame the problem

  • Stay focused on the user problem, rather than digressing to the existing organisational solutions and capability.

The Impact

  • Deeper understanding of users and the problems they are trying to solve
  • Data-driven opportunities for innovation and change
  • Insights to inform change/readiness plans based on stakeholder response and engagement