What I Do

Transform Customer Relationships

Design new services and embed customer practices that turn customers into loyal advocates:

  • Pin-point the experiences that really matter to customers; map customer journeys and uncover pain points and opportunities to grow loyalty.
  • Design emotionally engaging experiences at pivot points on the customer journey: connect interactions on the front-line with back-office dependencies for maximum impact on the customer experience.
  • Align teams around new service standards; engage staff in transformative initiatives and introduce a service blueprint: a working toolkit for the practices, systems and metrics to execute and quantify results.
What I Do

Build New Capabilities

Develop insights for innovation and drive continuous improvement around customer needs:

  • Continually infuse product and service pipeline with customer insights; coach teams to extract and exploit insights from the front-line and inform road-maps.
  • Co-create solutions with customers; embed continuous customer feedback loops, encourage targeted engagement to probe issues, explore solutions and test new ideas.
  • Build collaborative teams and introduce distinct learning practices; execute experiments to challenge the status quo and embed commitment orientated practices for rapid execution.
What I Do

Develop Customer-Focused Organisations

Create a new vision around your customers' perception of excellence:

  • Develop a CX strategy and service vision, led by senior management teams, that can be clearly understood by customers and will differentiate you from competitors.
  • Build a leadership style that fosters ongoing innovation; think and act like a start-up and develop self-managing high-performing teams.
  • Involve customers and staff in the process of creating the new behaviours for successful delivery and enable staff to experience the benefits.
What I Do