I help organisations identify new opportunities for growth, develop new services and build capability so they can innovate and change.

I have been an independent contractor since 2014 and am currently based in London.

Successful track record

  • I have worked on award winning programmes with leading organisations such as Surrey Heartlands (Health & Care partnership with NHS), Lexis Nexis, HM Courts & Tribunal Services, BBC Monitoring and Evaluate.

Human-centred Approach

  • I approach problems from the perspective of real people and deliver product, service and organisational design solutions that resonate and engage.

Systems Thinking

  • I seek to understand the the dynamics underpinning complex problems so that I can understand the wider change implications and deliver intended benefits.

Behaviour change

  • I coach individuals and teams to elicit and exploit new insight and elevate their performance (experienced Gestalt practitioner)

Topics of interest

  • Media and information integrity
  • Online safety, especially young and vulnerable people
  • Community healthcare
  • Life-long learning

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See What My Clients Have To Say

"Strategic, pragmatic, collaborative and insight driven, Máire was instrumental in delivering a number of complex B2B projects we worked on together in the information services and analytics space. I would very much look forward to working with her again." (Team member on client engagement, 2019 - 2020)

UX & Product Design Lead, Lexis Nexis

"I can't recommend Máire highly enough for any Service Design role - leadership or day-to-day execution, or a blend of the two. Any design problem, no matter what organisational or political complexities are involved - Máire is your woman!” *Design Architect, Surrey Heartlands & Healthcare Partnership." (Client, 2021)

Design Strategist, Surrey Heartlands Health & Care Partnership (with NHS)

"The best service designers need intelligence, the ability to rapidly understand complexity and adapt to new business and operational paradigms. Against this, they need a powerful commitment to user needs and the ability to translate them into the frictionless design of services. When you add to those skills the ability…

Chief Innovation Officer, Surrey Heartlands Health & Care Partnership (with NHS)

"Máire brought a real boost of energy and commitment that our product needed. Under Máire's leadership we began to understand more deeply the differing behavioural types of user we had using our product and the different pain points for each. The framework that Máire helped create quickly became a mainstay…

Product Manager (Media Intelligence Service), Lexis Nexis

"Maire joined the team as we were looking to make transformative change to our product offering. She is a quick learner, brings a lot of fresh ideas, and executes the plan. She is a collaborative partner and she is excellent at documenting her well thought out plans." (Client, 2020)

Product Director (Entity Insights & Due Diligence Service), Lexis Nexis