Upskill people to continually learn and grow

Embed feedback loops - continuously learn, test and measure impact of products and services on your users

The Challenge

Make sure people have the tools and the appetite to successfully deliver the service and continually learn and grow.

My Role

Organisational Development | Design Strategist | Facilitator | Coach

The Process

I partner with leaders and product and service owners and help them build new capability, bring new services to market and grow. Learning is practical and experiential with a focus on solving real business problems and delivering value while you learn.

Develop self-managing learning teams
Coach a diverse team of customer-impacting individuals through a service delivery cycle:

  • Introduce new team learning practices and easy to understand metrics to track performance
  • Align teams around a relational framework based on meaningful commitments (rather than processes)
  • Learn to elicit and exploit insight - listen, negotiate and respond
  • Grow an innovation pipeline

Duration starting at 6 weeks.

Coach Managers as Coaches
Work with management teams, using a blend of 1:1 coaching, team coaching and experiential learning to:

  • Put people at the heart of problem solving
  • Adopt a more relational style (move away from a transactional-based approach)
  • Embrace complexity - learn to manage the tension of ambiguity and conflicting possibilities
  • Evolve a continuous learning and change mindset across your team

Duration starting at 12 weeks.

Outcomes include:

  • Operational mechanism to support new practices at scale
  • New capability across management and operational teams