Turn ideas into human-centred solutions

The Challenge

Develop a human-centred solution that delights users, is viable for the business and is technically feasible.

My Role

Service Designer

The Process

Ideate, test and learn

Step 1: Prototype and test

  • Start with early concepts and prototypes and test directly on users
  • Track impact against agreed objectives and key results (or OKRs)
  • Once the solution-fit is validated, continue to use feedback to iterate and refine.

Step 2: Make sure the proposed solution is viable

  • Work with stakeholders to explore the how the solution can be delivered against existing organisational capability.

Step 3: Uncover the technology to make it work

  • When the time is right, engage with technical teams to explore feasible technical solutions that bring your design to life.

Outputs at this point include

  • New service proposition - tested and validated directly with users
  • Design principles - to inform ongoing design decisions
  • Validated design concept
  • Future state customer journeys
  • Service blueprints which illustrate end-2-end journeys and back-end activities and support processes